I’ve been on hiatus much, much longer than I expected.

There has, however, been considerable work being done behind the scenes.

First, I’ve taken the opportunity to go back to past pages and correct mistakes and places where the art wasn’t as good as it could have been.  And… I probably got a bit carried away.  Almost every page has been changed and updated, some of them quite significantly.  So if you’re a returning reader, you may want to go back and reread it with the improved art.

Second, what you are probably wanting to hear about is when new pages are going to be added.  Good news on that front as well.  I’ve got another seven pages done and are just awaiting proof reading and will be uploaded shortly.  And there will be many more pages to follow.

Finally, the website is going to undergo some redesigns in the (hopefully) near future.  We’re looking at ways to improve how the story is presented.

Basically, our thinking is that as this is a long form story, reading it a page at a time isn’t the best way to experience the story.  We’re looking into releasing a “chunk” of pages at a time so you get a complete scene at once.

However, this opens up some technical issues.  If I upload a “chunk” of say five pages and the website defaults to showing the most recent page, then you will get pages out of order - leading to spoilers and requiring you to back up several pages to get to where you are in the story.

We’re looking into using browser cookies to remember your last page visited and automatically load the next unread page.  I’m not sure yet how difficult this will be to implement or even if it is practical.

I know some people hate cookies (at least the computer ones, nobody hates chocolate chip) but we wouldn’t be doing anything nefarious with them.

Anyway, thank you for your patience and, as always, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.



↓ Transcript
The loft was as clean as the downstairs was filthy.
It had an elegant, almost femininity feel about it.
It was a room fit for a far away palace, not a cabin in the woods.

Without entering, she closed the door and headed back downstairs.

She didn't get far.

UNKNOWN: (off panel)