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So, what do you think?  Were Stephen Harper’s election victories legitimate?

Has he been a good Prime Minister?  The Best?  The Worst?

Has he strengthen democracy as he promised when he was a Reformer, or seriously undermined it?

Clearly he is a highly skilled politician who remains focused on pleasing his base and ignoring everything else, but is he a competent steward of the nation?

And more generally, for my non-Canadian readers, why do democracies  keep electing Right Wing governments?  They were quite popular in parts of Europe in the ’30s and ’40s - and it didn’t end so well.

Part of the problem, as I see it, is a fractured and biased media.  For news junkies, it is easy in this day and age, to follow multiple news feeds and get better access to news than in any time in history.  But for the rest, more and more of the mainstream news media is controlled by fewer and fewer companies.  News has become a matter of “preaching to the choir.”  Just choose a media outlet that agrees with your world view and they’ll never say anything to challenge that world view.  This is true on both the Left and Right.

I’m not a journalist, nor could I ever be one.  I need a few days to ponder before I can form opinions on important matters, in journalism everything has to happen NOW.

So instead I write Faerie Tales that, I hope, cause people to think about important matters.

For those that don’t know how Stephen Harper and his co-called Conservative Party manage to gain and hold power, and what they do with that power, check out these links:




As always, comments on this or anything are welcome.


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I agree.
I wholeheartedly agree.
When the allegations started popping up, if Harper had called for a full public inquiry into the matter, I would have believed him.
Hell, if he'd called for any form of inquiry or even cooperated with the investigation, I might have believed him.

Instead, they did nothing but hinder, block and derail any investigation.
Then they changed the law to make it even easier for them to get away with future election crimes.
They even had the Orwellian gall to call this travesty 'The Fair Election Act'.

What I'll never understand is why there weren't mass protests in the streets all across the country.
You know what you call a democracy that is no longer democratic? You call it a dictatorship!
If there was any justice left in this country, Harper and his entire caucus would be arrested for high treason!