I know a lot of people hate advertising. A lot of the time I hate ads as well.

On the other hand, ads have the potential to fund various media that is difficult to otherwise finance.

For example, television (at least before cable and satellite) was broadcast for free. You needed your own hardware, but the television networks made all of their money from ads.

Recently we have added ads to our site.

We’re not trying to sell-out or diminish your experience reading my comic.

We are trying to generate revenue to keep this whole thing going.

Currently the work I am doing on this comic is the equivalent of a full-time job. I want to continue the story, and I want to maintain or increase the frequency of posts, and I want to maintain or increase the quality of the art and writing.

But I’m also fond of eating and living indoors.

So while I’m not expecting to get rich off of this comic, I am hoping to make a modest living.

So we’re looking at various possible revenue streams. Website ads are the first. Others will slowly be added. Don’t expect massive changes overnight – my primary focus is still on the writing and art.

Other streams we’re considering include selling t-shirts, selling prints, offering a premium ad-free version of the site, and of course offering print collections of the comic. We’ll probably also have a digital tip jar for anyone who wants to contribute directly.

We welcome feedback on what you would or would not like to see offered. I know this is a fine line between trying to make a living and being obnoxious to your readers.

Also, if you see any ads that you find objectionable, please let us know and we will take action as appropriate.

Other than that, I hope you don’t take offense with the presence of the ads.

And please, if you are willing, turn off any ad-blocking and click on any ads that you find interesting.

Your support is appreciated.


↓ Transcript
Not even her morning bath could banish the old man's terrible secret from the Queen's thoughts.

So she turned her focus to the servant girl. So small and fragile, the Queen thought, like a little bird.

Her hands both strong and graceful, and skin all but flawless.

How could anyone think to do something so unspeakable to one so young, she thought with a shudder.

After her bath, the Queen was dressed and perfumed and breakfasted. . .
but she couldn't shake the old man's words.