Sorry this page was a little late.

I’ve been finding time to work on the comic, but I’m working much slower than usual.

I’ve been trying to limit my time visiting my mother at the hospital.  She has been getting a lot of family and friends coming to visit her, and we’re trying to avoid overwhelming her with too many people at once.  So my solution is frequent short visits rather than long vigils.

Working on the comic helps take my mind off everything.

Other than that, our days consist of preparations for the funeral (which feel kinda weird doing while she is still alive) and sitting around like deer in headlights.

Yesterday my mother decided that she had had enough and she wanted to die that day.  She did live though the day, but she’s stopped eating and drinking, so we’re expecting she will pass in the next day or so.


↓ Transcript
I used every enticement I could think of.
I cajoled.
I argued.
I pleaded.
Finally he admitted that there was a way,
but a way too terrible to consider.
I would not relent.
I would not let up until he surrendered his secret
and carefully described the recipe.