Hi All:

I had a GREAT time last weekend at a Ad Astra: Toronto’s Premiere SF & Fantasy Fan Convention.  Ad Astra is my favourite convention ANYWHERE!!!

On Friday evening we held a Launch Party for Snow, Ebony & Blood that was a lot of fun.  We’ll get details and photos up of the event shortly.

Two attendants won cameo appearances in the comic, so stay tuned for that as well.

Finally, in Wednesday’s page we finally get to meet Snow White for the first time, so don’t miss that!


Take Care,


↓ Transcript
What! You can't be...
That is worse than...
The king, he'll...
Please, there must be something you can do, something, anything...

All right, all right. A'll make ye one more - make ye young again fer a spell.
But that be all. This be the last one.
I kin delay time fer a spell, but almost nothin' kin stop it outright.

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, tha--

Did you say almost?